Goats in Action



Above is an example of goats' preference for invasive weeds.  Here young goats are targeting knapweed immediately after being placed within a fenced in area.

This same location after goats have targeted knapweed (bare ground in forefront).  Notice knapweed is almost completely gone, and grass is still present.  This is a very effective means of controlling invasive weeds when implemented over a several year program.


Above is an example of a field thick with houndstongue and knapweed before it was grazed by the goats.

Here is a close up of the same location after being intensively grazed by the goats. 

A Unique Service

We provide a unique weed control service in that our goats not only target the invasive weeds, reducing their ability to propagate, they also help aerate and fertilize your land naturally.  Intensively grazing with goats enhances the health of your soil and supports the growth of plants you want.  Often times this is overlooked when the focus is just on weeds.  At Healthy Meadows we see the problem of invasive weeds as an opportunity for better land stewardship.