What is good meat? To us, it means meat from animals that have lived their entire life on pasture, the way animals are meant to. It means meat from animals that leave the land more resilient and healthy after they found it. And it means meat that is eaten by folks in the same region where it was raised. 

 Time Tested Flavor

Goat meat goes by many different names such as chevon or cabrito.  It is the most widely consumed red meat in the world and one of the oldest domesticated animals, and we can understand why. For one thing, goats are one of the hardiest creatures out there, and will eat an incredible range of plants, making them suitable to many different environments. However, we don't think goat meat would be nearly as popular if it were not for its exceptional flavor. The meat goats we raise are butchered at an appropriate age for their culinary use, so that the end result is incredibly rich flavor that is not overbearing. 

Serving an Ecological Niche 

As a family operation, we have oriented our work around harmonizing the rhythms of our goats with the seasons, and grazing in a way that serves an ecological niche, and therefore strengthens the land.  

We manage two separate herds, one based in Red Lodge for land management and one south of Harlowton on the Two Dot Land and Livestock Company Ranch.  We have collaborated with Two Dot Land and Livestock to manage a multi species herd of goats and cows in a planned grazing model based on Holistic Resource Management.  The cows that graze alongside the goats are a major part of Yellowstone Grassfed Beef.  We take pride in this relationship because of the larger vision of collaboration in which a land base can not only produce exceptional beef as well as exceptional goat meat while at the same time improving the health of the land, supporting wildlife, building community, and strengthening the local rural economy.  Our herd of goats are pastured year round and are only fed hay as a supplement in extreme winter conditions.  They are never given grain or growth hormones. The age old tradition of herding allows us to carefully monitor the health of our herd, while at the same time observing the health of the land. 

Where to Buy Our Meat 

We have all our goats processed locally in Big Timber, Montana, at Pioneer Meats and Big Timber Meats.  We sell our goat privately and wholesale through Quality Foods Distributing. Please contact us if you have questions or interest in our meat.