Land management Services

 Tools of the Trade

 We bring the goats to your property. We also bring our own fencing that we quickly set up on agreed upon locations.  The fencing is moved multiple times each day by one or more of our herders who stay with the goats at all times. This allows the goats to intensively graze specific locations where weeds are concentrated and then be moved as soon as the job is done.

Our goats come with well-trained dogs. Above is one of our two guard dogs who protect the herd night and day from predation. To the right is one of our herding dogs who helps us move the herd.


  Goats can graze where herbicides can't go

Goats perform well on even the most rugged terrain, as seen in the two pictures above. They are able to search out invasive weeds on very steep inclines, between large rocks, and underneath power lines where it is difficult or dangerous for humans to spray.  Goats also help stabilize eroding slopes by reinvigorating grasses and native plants. In addition, goats can graze ecologically sensitive areas such as along waterways and around trees that would otherwise be damaged if sprayed with herbicides.


Small or Large Acreage   

We are able to graze large as well as small acre parcels and can confine goats to specified areas.  Above and left goats are grazing a narrow portion of property between a house and a neighborhood road.  Above and right goats are eating weeds on a larger acreage parcel.