Using Goats To Heal And Strengthen The Land

Turning a Problem into a Natural Solution


Welcome to Healthy Meadows LLC Goat Services homepage.  We are proud to offer a unique service based out of Red Lodge, Montana.

An alternative to herbicides: We use goats to eradicate noxious weeds and help promote land revitalization. Our vision is to support each land owner's specific goals regarding their land. Our goats provide a natural solution to a variety of challenges that land owners face.

Grazing Services We Provide

Weed Management
Russian and Spotted Knapweed, Leafy Spurge, Canada Thistle, Houndstongue, Larkspur, Sulfur Cinquefoil, Field Bindweed, Whitetop and others.

Brush Management
Buck Brush, Salt Cedar, Russian Olive, Hawthorne, Juniper, Pine

Fire Management
Fuel Reduction

Aeration, Fertilization, Vegetation Reduction

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