where nature connection is a way of life

We envision being part of a healthy, vibrant land and community in which people can play an active and positive role as caretakers of wherever we call home. Recognizing that our relationship with the natural world is ancient, we are committed to learning and sharing agrarian and ancestral skills that help us maintain and support a beautiful and resilient landscape. 

At our core is nature connection - in our own lives, and supporting others through experiential learning, workshops, events, camps and through our grazing herd.



Deepen your connection through participating in one of our workshops, camps, guided hikes, or an experiential stay. Seeing, tasting, crafting, and using your own hands to transform raw material into a usable or beautiful item is a timeless human experience - empowering, tranformative and just plain fun!

Nature Connection

Naturalist skills are truly about cultivating mindfulness and curiosity; they are about being in the present moment. When we practice them we feel grounded and a sense of belonging as we begin to see ourselves as part of something greater. In today's world, we think learning ecological literacy - or knowledge of your local ecology - is just as important and fundamental as learning your ABCs and 123's. Most of us treasure our time in nature, whether it's hiking or hunting, fishing or photography. This is connection to nature, and this is what we want to uplift.


We believe that our health is often a reflection of how we treat the land - that they are inextricably tied to one another. We strive to manage land in way that focuses on improving soil health, promoting biodiversity, and increasing the resilience of the land.


Experience life with the herd and on the ranch in the beautiful foothills of the Beartooth Mountains. Participate in milking, cheesemaking, gardening, and homestead life. Feel the joy of moving the herd to fresh pastures and become intimate with this landscape.

Our Practices

To us, regenerative agriculture is about producing food by following nature's order. It is part farming and ranching, part ecological restoration. It is a form of engaging with the land that acknowledges what indigenous peoples have always known - that we are all connected, and it is our role to protect the life-giving properties of water, air, sun and soil. It is at the forefront of scientific discovery, and still rooted in traditional agrarian practices from around the world.

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