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Seasonal Internships

We are looking for self-motivated, compassionate, hard working individuals who are seeking to learn a unique way to live off and with the land in a western setting.
There is room for a maximum of 2 interns at one time. Season starts mid May and lasts until mid August, although there is a possibility of arriving earlier in the spring for kidding season and extending later into the fall. There is also the possibility of further compensation after 1 month of stay. We only accept people that can stay for a minimum of 3 months. This is a serious hands on learning experience.
Work is typically very physical and previous farm, ranch and or work experience is recommended and valued. The way in which we manage our goat herd requires a lot of walking: we can move up to 15 miles in a morning.  We appreciate people that are enthusiastic to learn and to be engaged in a rural lifestyle.
Accommodations include organically raised food, living space, and access to ranch facilities (specific months). Majority of the time is spent camping out on the land with the goats and us. We provide a tent and camping gear if needed.

We are a family with three young children that makes our entire living from our herd of goats. Interns are quickly taken in as part of the family if it is the right fit for everyone.
Skills that you will gain include stockmanship, sustainable rangeland management, target grazing with portable electric fence, herding with stock dogs, and real life skills.
To apply for internship please send a resume, letter of intent, and a list of two references with addresses and phone numbers. We prefer emails. Thank You!

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